Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A few inspiring words

The other day I was discussing with my brother how great you feel when someone really encourages your efforts, gives suggestions and offers help to take it to the next step. I am really thankful to all who shares their thoughts and showers wishes to me and the home library mission. Some of my friends are working on an article on this concept and of the opinion to publish a few comments recieved from different people. I have picked up a few from the comments that I received personally (After taking their permission) and a few from public forum like Orkut, Facebook, Picasa album etc. Idea is to publish a sort of guest book that I have at home at the library, a virtual guest book, if I am permitted to say so.

1. "Always something different with you man. Keep up the good work. Update your blog regularly. At least I can read and be happy..."

Venkata Krishna N
University of Arizona, Tucson, USA

2. "I am proud of you my dear....Last vacation I did something like this in my village school.... it was counselling session... you have encouraged me more to work on social cause...."

Dichan Lepcha
Atos Origin, UK

3. "awesome work i must say ... i wish u all the luck man !!

Jugantar Chetia,
Vanderbilt University, USA

4. "abbe yaar dil khus ho gaya ye sab dekh kee...All I can say "Now Manjit will be a satisfied guy ". I really respect what you did. It's something which everyone will say "Nice one dude" and inside your heart you will feel "Its The Best". I am hoping to join the same category soon"

Aditya Dogra,
Cisco, Bangalore

5. "Amazing effort buddy! I'm so proud of you. I never knew that you were on such a mission and I'm glad that you have accomplished what you had set out to do. The enthusiasm in the snaps of all people involved is so infectious. Keep up the good work and do keep us posted if we can help take forward this initiative in any way"

Anup Nair,
SAP , Bangalore

6. "Thanks so much for sharing this. It is very inspiring!! "

Niresh Kumar,
Former Head, Hyderabad Chapter of CRY-Child Rights & You

7. "Abe mast....the whole story was like a small documentary..."

Debaroon Sarma,
IBM, Bangalore

8." Hi Recdgpians, Below is the invitation from Manjit , who has started a "Home Library" in Assam now. Manjit is 2007 batch passout of CSE department of our college and has worked in Microsoft for two years. Now he has setup a home library in his hometown in Assam with a vision of opening these Home Libraries in whole Assam to make India a more litrate country. With a motive of giving back to the society, he has started pursing this Dream and I am sure as with his strategy and execution he will reach to the stars and make it happen. Best of Manjit We are with you"

Aditya Dogra's invitation to REC Durgapur Alumni worldwide

9. "Good Luck Manjit. This is a very novel concept. My heart-felt appreciations for the same.Do let me know if I can help you in any way. I just read through your blog now....and saw through your fotos too.....dont mind if I am repeating my lines.....u make us proud.....keep the good work going.....dont let ur motivation dip at any point of time.....i ll definitely contribute to home-library through funds and support in due course of time wen i start getting paid.....lemme know if thrs anything I can do....and I ll be happy to contribute. "

Arun L Narayanan
University of Florida, USA

10. "I am in final year now IT, of NIT,dgp, you probably don't know me. Just wanted to say that this is a great work you are doing and I hope to participate in it in the future..:)"

NIT Durgapur

11. "It was a pleasant surprise seeing this mail first thing this morning and even more when I saw your name. A huge congratulations! Going through the album has been an absolutely wonderful experience"

Abhik banerjee
NTU, Singapore

12. "Is your organization registered as a not-for-profit institution so that donations can be tax-exempt?I have spread the word in a couple of fora - also posted in my facebook page.
Let's keep our fingers crossed that more and more people hear about this and do something to support your initiative. I hope your blog has a mechanism for people to contact you"

Ashish Kole,
EE'83 Pass out of NIT DGP,
Former Director, Cisco Systems

13."This reminds me of our stay in Assam way back in 1984 . Everything going Lahe Lahe!!
In my opinion, this is a superb effort from our junior at college to ensure that what he has taken from the society"

Dilip Kartha,
1983 Pass out of NIT DGP

14. "We are proud of you my dear Recollian...keep it up...all the best in your coming days.by any chance when will you be in this city of joy ? Pls get in touch when you are here so that we can take you to the Alumni Committee to share a few words of your experience. We have an absolutely great alumni named NITDAA whose head qtr is at Dgp but operated from Kolkata. That might be of some help to you"

Ashok kr Roy
1972-77 EE, NIT durgapur

15. "First of all heartiest congrats for inauguration of ur Home Library, formaking your dream come true...for "The END of the BEGINNING". I havealways heard about successful personalities...how they started...abtthere struggles...and abt their success. While going through your mailmy inner self visioned you as a successful man and your dream comingtrue with rainbow colors. I wish you all the success and heartiestcongratulations once again"

Maninder Saini
CSE 2008 Pass out, NIT durgapur

16. "Indeed an excellent initiative.. Let this flourish at faster pace"

Avijit Roy
1979-83 ( ME ) NIT D,
Tata Technologies

17. "Simply amazing zing!!!!!have to say, one of the very few of us who has gone out there and lived his dream....hats off to u buddy...."

Shalil Guha
Covensys, Bangalore

18. "Great job done my friend. We Recollians are indeed proud of you. Just keep it up. We are all with you.With all my best wishes"

Shyamal Chatterjee
1974 - Met.E, NIT Durgapur

19. "Congratulation Manzit!! Photo bilak sai khub bhal lagise...really Gr8 ...keep it up"

Mantu Kalita,
Co-Founder & MD, Notun

20. "Dude... hats off to u man... i can say that u are one of the few amongst us who has gathered the guts to do what he feels he should do! Best of luck on your endeavor!"

Somnath Chatterjee
Tata Motors, Pune

21. "can't say anything dats not already been said...nd dats something"

Kanad Sinha
Purdue University, USA

22. "tammam be manjit da..what to say more..i might ask ur help one day..."

Dipak Boro
Indian Oil, New Delhi

23. "Great work Manjit. May God bless you to carry this mission to ultimate success. This is not the result of one day effort, I know you were devoted for this since long. Most of us think a lot in several aspects, but to convert our thoughts to reality is done by few of us. I liked the caption a lot "One wish, one dream and a realization"...All the Best"

Neeraj Tripathi
Microsoft, Hyderabad

24. "fect...fantastic stuff!!! this is simply gr8 dude!!"

Tathagata Mukherji
IIFA, Delhi

25. "I wish all the best for your noble endeavor"

Nitu Chiring
Oracle, Hyderabad

26. "Awesome. Really inspiring. I am touched by your commitment and zeal"

Manmohan Jain
Vice President, Computer Associates

27."This is a really heart-warming endeavour, Manjit.As a book lover, I too believe that books can bring about a positive difference in these children’s lives... wishing the library all the best
Next time I go home, will try and get some books too, if you’ll be able to carry them to the library..."

Ashwin Sudhir
Microsoft, Hyderabad

28. "I must give you credit for pursuing and succeeding. Its not easy to dream and then actually materialize J Congrats "

Ranjeev Lahkar
HR, Microsoft Corp

29. "Manjit,This is wonderful..I am planning to post this to support a child Assam yahoo group , hope you are ok with that"

Ankur Bora
Microsoft, Redmond

30. This is the most unusual ‘something’ I have ever attended in my whole life

A audience, on the day of inauguration

Signing off,
Manjit Nath (Zing)