Friday, July 27, 2012

Second Anniversary Celebration of MN Memorial Library (Press note and Photo album)

Dear all,
As we are planning the celebration of the third anniversary of MN Memorial Library, we realize that our official library blog has not been updated for quite long. Though we have already updated the Press Note and the Photo Album of the Second Anniversary Celebration of MN Memorial Library into the web, we have not been able to justice to the linkage with the main library blog. Sincere apology is sought for the same.

Please click out the below links to view the Press note and Photo Album of the second anniversary celebration of Maheswar Nath Memorial Library:

The second anniversary celebration was unique from different angles. For the first time, we introduced the concept of "Social Inclusion" by inviting people from professions such as rickshaw-pulling, barber, cobbler, mason to deliver lectures on their lives and work. Convincing the people to sit on the dias was itself a big challenge

 The idea was a big success and applauded by the local media in a nice way. At MN Memorial Library, we are committed to bring in more such innovative projects in the days to come.

Hope to see you soon with more updates.....