Monday, May 18, 2009

Ten more days to go, what I am doing now

Only five days left for me going home and around ten days to start my library. I am trying to finish the maximum of library related works prior to arriving home as I know, lots other are waiting for me there. The recent resource alignment at Microsoft and the on-going 'May Quarterly Release' activities at office have not been giving me much time to focus on the home library mission. In spite of that, I am LIVE and optimizing my time fully.

Yesterday, I went to meet the design solution Company NOTUN( I have been associated with this start-up for last 1.5 years. This is a very inspiring effort mainly by Mantu Kalita and Deepak Saikia, two very enthusiastic, skilled and highly professional individuals, committed to make an impact here at Hyderabad.

We together finalized the following things for the library today:

1. Library Logo : This has been a big headache for me. You can't expect creative art from a guy who has not got more than 60% in drawing test in his whole student life.

2. Membership Cards : We decided on the basic design of membership card. The different types of memberships will be distinguished by the color of card and variation of the paper used. I also changed the basic membership category name from ORDN to GENL.

3. Acknowledgement Memo : Before reaching there, I thought of designing and printing this by myself; But after discussions there, I really felt the necessity of acknowledging someone's help and donation to our mission. I completed the content of the epistle and left the designing part to Notun.

4. Signboard : I also completed writing the wordings on the signboard to be put up in front of our house at Agia. For the assamese letters thanks to the smart key board of Xobdo( ). Earlier I thought of making this at my native place using tin and wood. But, of course I can carry this from hyderabad (in fact my plane will carry it, not me) if it ensures better material and artistic design.

[I am keeping the cost part out of the scope of the blog for now]

There are a lot of other things I am working on currently. Many a times, i myself feel like getting randomized. Just want to list down all the things which I am working on and also things that will happen before 30th May, 2009.

1. Registration as a trust/NGO: This is priority 1 item on the list. Haven’t done much apart from gathering information so far. First assignment after reaching Asom.

2. Rubber Stamp: Completed the design of rubber stamp to be put on each book on the library today with NOTUN. I will carry out the activity with my local shop in Asom.

3. Letter Pad: I have decided on the designing but not printing as of now. Will do it in Asom if necessity comes.

4. Follow Up with all helpers: I am following up with all who helped me and well-wishers for the last time. Also finalizing the timing and place to meet all of them at Asom after I reach there.

5. Working on inaugurator: I am also working on deciding the inauguration ceremony on 1st June and inviting some prominent personality for the inauguration. My one dream is to have Mr.Homen Borgohain as his concept of HorGobinda Library has an influence on my concept. I have drafted a letter for him and trying to get my sister to go out there at Guwahati to meet with him, to see how to make it happen. I need to work on some alternate plans too.

6. Final testing on the software: I am working with Alvaro to deliver the software with all the basic functionalities working perfectly. I am getting my laptop formatted tomorrow to make a replica of my home PC environment. It will be followed by rigorous testing.

7. Arranging resources to work: My sister's 2nd Semester exam clashes with my home visit; my bro is also getting leave from 24th May only. To mitigate this resource crisis at home during this crucial time I have already talked with many of my relatives and found two resources. My cousins Nabajit and Moni will be there to help me from 24th May onwards.

8. Rule Book : I am yet to finalize the rules and regulation for the members. I am planning to take print outs and distribute it to every member who enrols.

9. Printed catalogue copies: I am planning to take print out of the old catalogue (Published in my last blog) to give people an idea about the current stock of books and what is required.

10.People to meet: I am also finalizing the people who have expressed the wish to help me with this mission. I have to meet 9-10 people at Guwhati and some at different places. Trying to make the most out of my time and from them.

11. Publicity at my native place: This is one of the most crucial things that needs much attention. I am thinking on several ways to reach the people out there and particularly the school students. Creating a donor awareness is also one of the aims.

12. Keep the momentum going : The most important thing. I think this is not for me, but for the people and well wishers who are and want to be part of this home library concept, who will be undertaking this journey.

Conclusion: Are you thinking I am getting randomized? No, you are wrong now, as I finish the blog.

Wish me luck. See you all after I come back to Hyderabad on 8th June. And, you know I will be having a lot to share with you by that time

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