Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Some real interesting updates

I am going home on 30th December,09 and I must mention some very nice things I am working on currently. All my friends at Microsoft and elsewhere are helping me immensely to accomplish these tasks. Here we go:

1. The home library framework : This will be a step-by-step framework which will adopted by anybody who wants to start a library at his/her native place. This will contains all the pre-requisites, timelines alongwith specific guidelines to follow to start the library and sustain it.

2. The presentation: I have got the opportunity to speak about the home library concept at NEIIM 2010 (http://www.neiim2010.com ), an international meet organized by FASS (http://friendsofassam.org ) as a speaker for the session on Rural Development on 12nd January,2010

3. The video shoot : My mother is coordinating for shooting some videos for the above presentation on 13th Dec, 09.

4. The Trust website: www.mnmtrust.org is on the way..

5. The News-Letter : The first newsletter for the library is on the way..

6. The advisor pool Concept : This is a big initiative to expand our reach. Also, an opportunity for any individual to devote his time and hope with community. Details are coming..

7. Session with other NGO/institute : There is a proposed environmental awareness campaign and free computer education program proposed in my home visit on 31st Dec, 09. I will publish detail later

8. Swaranag : Our second home library.Way to go.....

We are available at many places :
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Siging off in a hurry,

Manjit Nath (ZING)