Friday, June 7, 2013

A few decisions by the Trust members

MN Memorial Library is all set to complete glorious four years. In these four years, we have not only evolved as an organization, but also learnt to notice and realize some critical problems of our society and of the lower Assam region. Hence, it is imperative for us to take a few initiatives beyond the typical library works. While book-reading will still be the most important goal of the organization, we are also looking forward to take a few steps concerning the culture, literature, social and economic conditions of the people in this region.

The purpose of this blog-post is not to introduce any new thought, but to share the decisions of the board of trustees taken in the general body meeting held a few months back. If you are following our twitter account, some of the updates were shared via the social media. It is to be noted that some of the decisions have already been implemented successfully.

The list:
1) Publish a journal paper on the Home Library concept - how it can inculcate the habit of book reading and provide resources in rural places.
2) Apply for grant to Raja Rammohun Roy Library Foundation as per the advice from Assam Library Association.
3) The third anniversary celebration will be combined with the fourth year celebration due to money constraint.
4) Do a financial audit of the cash register of MNM Trust by a registered Chartered Accountant individual/company.
5) Publish Annual Report of the trust ; starting with year: 2011-12.
6) Open a section in the library focussed on Goalporiyan culture and literature and work with interested individuals/organizations for the expansion of the rich culture of this region of Assam.

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